Cancer That Has Spread

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy
It can be easily cured when it is in its early stages, but the problem is that is rarely shows any signs and symptoms when the tumor is isolated, so it's hard to detect it before it spreads. Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life ExpectancyWhen it reaches metastasis, or stage IV, the chances of survival drop under 10% because in this phase it has already spread to at least one more organ. It usually spreads to the liver first, and then to the lungs.

It is hard to eliminate the cancer cells when it is in stage four. The medical approach is chemotherapy, because it can treat cancer that has spread, but it has severe side effects and it doesn't always succeed.

Few people know that diet has an important role in cancer, in all types of cancer and in colon cancer too. But remember that diet can prevent it or help the treatment, it can not cure colon cancer alone.
Diet is important for those who don't have colon cancer, because if it is used properly it can prevent it by decreasing the risk factors, or if it's neglected it can seriously increase the risk factors.

One of the main food types that increases the risk factors has proven to be red meat. Doctors were suspecting this for a long time, and recent research has shown that the assumption is correct.
The western diet unfortunately contains too many types of food that increase the risk not only of colon cancer, but of other diseases and disorders too.

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The best diet that can prevent a colon cancer or can help the body fight it is a vegetarian diet that contains no fats, and involves eating a lot of fruits and grains, which are natural cancer-fighting substances. Of course, many refuse to eat a fully vegetarian diet. Well at least try to reduce the amount of red meat and fat that you eat to a minimum.
If you just can't stay away from fat foods you can enter a support program that is designed to help people with eating disorders solve their problems.

Remember that diet has an important role in cancer and somewhere later in life you may regret that you haven't followed a healthy diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does head night sweats mean that skin cancer has spread?
    My brother has squamous skin cancer of the ear and he said that he has been having night sweats of just the head for about 2 or 3 weeks now. What does that mean? Has the cancer spread?

    • ANSWER:
      No it doesn't. I only had night sweats while I was having chemo.

    Hi, how long a person can survive if she has cancer spread in whole body?
    My aunt has been diagnosed with cancer just last week. As she started complaining as her arm has too much pain. When x-ray was taken cancer was detected. Now doctors are saying that it is not just arm this evil cancer has spread all over the body. My question is that how long my aunt can survive? Any help is appreciated.


    • ANSWER:
      Honey, I am sorry your aunt LIFE is in God Hands, remember that. The Doctor is only man he/she don't have our life in their hands. Tell your fmily don't give up, God do answer prayer, The oncologist said the same thing too my mother. She is still living through the grace of God mercy and grace. Read the Holy Bible and Pray!

    If you have Osteosarcoma and the cancer has spread to your lungs, will that make it hard to breathe?
    If the cancer spreads to the lungs, is a side effect chest pain and difficulty breathing?

    • ANSWER:
      It can,but often times the patient feels nothing.

    Has my dogs Breast Cancer spread to her lungs?
    Well, i took my dog to the vet because she had a lump on her stomach for quite a while. The vet said there is a 50% chance that it spread to her lungs. She had this lump for around 5-6 months. Do you think it would of spread you professional vets out there? - Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Lexie, I thought i'd leave you a note the last guy seemed a bit harsh. perhaps he's having a bad day either way no excuse I know.. I know you want other peoples opinions a vet preferably. But you don't always get a vet to answer your quesitons on here. I guess many don't wish to give out free advise when your not paying for it. SO the only answers you'll get most likely is people such as myself and others suggesting things to you. And with this being so serious ( cancer) I think your best bet here is to dig deeper into your pockets and go see a vet even if its a different one if you don't feel comfortable with the vet you have seen.

      I'm sorry for your dogs pain and your sadness over this. But you know what you will have to do next if it is cancer you can't just let your dog suffer . So either way your going to have to bite the bullet and go in right. So why not get him looked at now. That way you won't have to keep guessing. You'll finally know then be able to decide what you want done next.

    Now that unions have killed or chased away companies has the cancer spread to the state and federal govts?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, we cannot outsource governments.

    Treatments/statistics/sources with prostate cancer that has spread to lymph nodes?
    A friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes only (has not spread to any other organs or bones). All I can find are sources that explain staging and treatments, but the more aggressive treatments (surgery/radiation) seem to be only for localized or low-grade cancer. I know the FDA seems to take forever to approve drugs/treatments that are being used abroad with great results; how do I find info on these types of studies done outside the US? Is it only a matter of time before his cancer spreads from the nodes at this point or is there a shot of chemo & hormones stopping it? Since it hasn't spread any further, wouldn't removing the prostate along with the nodes benefit him? I haven't found anything stating surgery as an option once it spreads from the prostate. I'm sorry this is so long with so many questions! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Beam radiation of the prostate bed and hormonal treatment are possible next actions. Chemo isn't used until the final stages. With these therapies, he has a good five year life expectancy, because even late stage disease is slow moving. You can find case studies at and you can work out his statistics at You can use Google Scholar to research journal articles. Best of luck.

      As for therapies outside the US, there are few initiatives in prostate cancer research coming from overseas. The only significant overseas therapy I am aware of is HIFU, but that's not appropriate for a more advance case.

    What is the prognosis for my Dad since his mouth cancer spread to his lymph nodes?
    the mouth cancer was removed last year but now it has spread to at least 2 zones in his upper neck. The PET scan didnt show up any activity anywhere else in his torso area. Does this mean that the cancer hasnt spread and we have caught it in time or is that impossible to tell?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a similar situation more than 2 years ago when cancer on my tonsil spread to the lymph nodes in my neck. I was stage 4-a but 7 weeks of radiation and chemo therapy (brutal but worth the pain) took care of that and now I have been cancer free for 2 years and looking forward to plenty more. This is likely what will happen with your father and if so, a supportive family will make a world of difference. Here is a great website devoted exclusively to head and neck cancers. It has been a wonderful place for me to find out what to expect and to talk to people who are long time survivors. Knowing that such people are out there and living active lives really helped me through the hard times.

    how quickly can breast cancer spread to the brain?
    I have a relative with breast cancer and now she fears that it has spread to her brain. She just finished chemo in June of this year. Is it possible? She has been feeling extremely unbalanced lately and weak in her right arm and leg.

    • ANSWER:
      Metastasis is the process of the tumors 'seeding' microscopic malignant cells into the blood stream and/or lymphatic system. Once metastasis occurs than the malignant cells can travel anywhere in the body that blood goes. Systemic chemotherapy is used to try and stop the metastasis from growing new tumors in these distant locations. However, there is a problem with many type of systemic chemo when it comes to the brain. There is a blood-brain barrier that prevents many chemo drugs from entering the brain. So, it may be possible that your relative had a metastasis go to her brain and the chemotherapy she was using could not cross the blood brain barrier. My son has advanced cancer and when we were confronted with the possibility that his disease could travel to the brain, we found two chemo drugs that did cross that brain blood barrier . . Temozolimide and Irinotecan. Worked also to keep his sarcoma minimal and under control for a year.

      Your relative needs to call her doctor and schedule an imaging test (CT or PET) to see what is going on.

    How quickly will this cancer spread?
    I found out my grandpa has cancer of the bladder. He had this type of laser surgery to get rid of the cancerous cells but one had spread through the bladder and is on the outer wall. My family has decided to not do anything as surgery is risky for his age and chemo and radiation would be horrible for him. I have heard that is an "aggressive" cancer - does anyone (doctors?) know about how quickly this cancer will spread and about how much time my grandpa has? My mom had said that the cancer will next affect the kidneys.

    • ANSWER:
      1st of all ide like to say im sorry to here about your grandpa and yes it is true what your mum has said about the kidneys im not sure how long ur grandpa will have left but my mum had the same cancer as your grandpa and they couldnt do much for her so they had to stop treatment and she lasted about 4months after the treatment had stopped and then she just past away it depends on how bad it is and how fast it travels round the body

      sorry again and hope i helped

    what are survival chances for esophageal patient that has had heart attack, stroke and cancer spread to lymph?
    two years ago my ex husband was diagnosed with cancer of esophagus. He had radiation and chemo. He was fine until lately, went to e.r. Cancer was hidden behind scar tissue, its too late to operate. Was sent home with Hospic, given 4 months to live. In hospital now, had a stroke and heart attack. Had to tie vein to stop bleeding from throat. Unable to speak, just grunts. 65 year old man.I'm scared, is it too late to do anything for him?

    • ANSWER:
      sorry to say this, but the outlook is not so good. i suggest making the most of the time you have together. once cancer hits the lymphatic system, well... that's pretty much incurable so i've been told. and the other problems he's had on top of that? ach.. sorry, lass!

      all you can do now is just love him as much as you ever have.

    What are some signs that cancer has spread to the brain?
    My grandpa has stage IV colon cancer that has metastasized to the liver. He also has Alzheimer's.

    Last night it seems like a switch flipped and he started acting so different. He's peed his pants three time in the past 24 hours. He is very confused and says things that don't make sense in any way. It seems that whenever he is trying to walk he almost falls over, and he can barely stand up.

    Do you think this is the Alzheimer's? Or has maybe the cancer spread to his brain? We've known that he has had cancer for about 8 months, and we know that he doesn't have much time.

    How long do you think he has left?

    Is this spread to the brain or Alzheimer's?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to answer most of your questions. I deal daily with an elderly relative with dementia. Any upset or change can set her off as far as changes in toilet habits. It doesn't mean the cancer has spread to his brain, just that he had a bad day and is probably getting worse. Expect the same type things to continue - however he might get better if he has a correctable problem causing the worsening of his physical symptoms. He may also feel better and be reorientated in the AM but you can not count on it. There is no real way of telling the immediate future in my experience.

      Often people with dementia or AD get worse in the evening. This is called sun-downing - where symptoms get worse as the sun goes down. This worsening of symptoms in the evening is normal.

      You need to get hospice involved if they are not already. When he is getting close to death he will quit eating and drinking and this is a better sign of how long he might have rather than his toilet habits will be. Toilet habits can change due to new medicines or just about anything. The peeing is not really something he has any control over. You should probably check to make sure he has not developed a UTI because his peeing might be a symptom of an active infection.

      I hope you have help in caring for your grandpa. It sounds like you have done a good job but he is progressing quickly now. I would not worry about whether the cancer had spread to his brain but just worry about his symptoms and your ability to deal with them. Here is a good link for hospice related resources and includes a search option if you do not have local hospice already involved. All the best to you, your family and your grandpa in this difficult situation

    What does this mean? Has his cancer spread?
    So I know that no one is going to give me a diagnosis here, nor am I asking for one. Here's the deal. Someone I know had been diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago on his chest. He was doing the chemo and radiation and everything. He developed a cough about 7 months ago and has still been unable to get rid of this cough. Being stubborn, he refused to go to the doctor or say anything about it. Last week he became too weak to even get out of the bed. His wife finally forced him to go to the doctor, where they found several black spots on his lungs. Has his skin cancer spread to lung cancer? What are the chances considering one is on the external and the other internal? I know it is rarer for cancer to start off interally and go to the external (skin), but what about the other way around?
    He is in the hospital now. No test results back. Just wondering for myself...what should I expect so not to be hit so hard when it does hit.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like your friend has melanoma. It would have been a late stage cancer to be treated with chemo and radiation. Unfortunately, late stage melanomas do not have a good prognosis and we do not yet have an effective treatment for them. This is a very dangerous and unpredictable cancer.
      Your friend may have lung cancer, but I doubt it. Lung cancer more often than not is a single solitary lesion and you used the word “spots” leading me to believe there are multiple lesions and it is not unusual for melanoma to metastasize to the lungs. Meaning if it is cancer in his lungs it is skin cancer.
      When cancer spreads to a distant site it is a stage 4, the last cancer stage. When melanoma is a stage 4 the median survival is 6-7 months. I am sorry to say from your description I do not believe your friend has much time left. I am very sorry.

    My dad has stage 4 melanoma skin cancer spread to the lungs how long will he have to live?
    My dad has been struggling with cancer for about 4 yrs now. The first time the cancer was found in the bladder, kidneys. He now has only one kidney. Later he was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer at stage 3. Back in Nov 2007 he had a surgery removing some lymph nodes and then he began chemo shortly after which made him to sick and he quit taking it after about 3 wks. That was December07-Jan08 about 3wks ago in May 08 they found that the cancer has spread to the lungs and I believe there are 2nodes in each lung and now I was told my dad has stage 4 melanoma skin cancer. I just want some information I have a 10yr old son and his papaw is his world. My dad is only 54 yrs old I want to know what the lifspan is. All honesty be blunt I need to know and prepare myself and my son.

    • ANSWER:
      As you already know your father's situation is very grave. I'd look into the clinical trials currently being done for stage 4 malignant melanoma. This site will let you search for hospitals located nearby that are involved with ongoing melanoma clinical trials. Select malignant melanoma then enter the state or states where you could possibly go.
      good luck to your father &
      all the best to you and your family

    His cancer spread, how will he be treated; what will happen?
    I asked a question earlier about my friend's nonterminal skin cancer. His doctor just called while looking over his scans that he had done today, and the cancer has spread to some muscle tissue. It has gotten far more serious. Besides just supporting him, what should I do? What is he going to go through for this? I'm not leaving his side until he's healthy.

    • ANSWER:
      Your friend will have several treatment options determined by his oncologist. There may be surgery, chemo and/or radiation to stop the cancer cells from spreading. I don't know a lot about skin cancer as I have lung cancer but from what I could find out for you, those would be the options. He is in for a tough haul on whatever treatment is chosen and you are a great friend to stand by him.
      He will go thru many different emotions, perhaps become ill from the treatments.. he will need a lot of support and encouragement. Learn all you can about his cancer and that will help you both get thru this time. All the best to your friend in his fight against this beast and to you for supporting him.

    What does the breathless mean? Has the cancer spread to his lungs?
    My ex & I have a child together, he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and appears to be in the final stages. He have been told he no longer wants to see me or our son and that he is now unable to get out of bed, he can not move his legs and he is struggling with his breathing and becoming more chesty. Does this mean the cancer has spread to his lungs? He suffered with asthma previously & has also been diagnosed as diabetic since he has discovered he has pancreatic cancer. I've no idea if he has several weeks left and could go past christmas, or if this means he may not last the week.

    I'm desperately trying to gage the situation as I need to have a heart to heart with my son when the time draws nearer about how his dad's condition is going to end his life very soon, he already know he has cancer, can not be cured and has deteriorated recently but it still hasn't dawned on him that his dad will die.

    Does anyone know much about this condition? I've read alot on the net but nothing really tells me what I want to know.

    • ANSWER:

    Stomach cancer spread to the bones, is there hope?
    My girlfriend just got news that her cancer has spread to her bones, can it still be cured?

    • ANSWER:

    papillary thyroid cancer spread to lymph nodes question?
    my girlfriend has just gotten diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes, has anyone gone through this experience or know of any one that has that can shed some light for me. she is in her mid 30's. Please anyone that can enlighten me with their experience, i am very worried and terrified.

    • ANSWER:
      I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma with lymph node spread when I was 26 and what they did for me was remove my thyroid and the lymph nodes that were effected and a few more just to make sure and then 6 months after surgery I did a round of radiation with is just a iodine pill that you take and a full body scan to make sure there was no uptake but in my case there was so they gave me a higher dose and now I do the RAI body scan every 6 months a so far all is perfect. From everything that my doctors told me and I went to Mayo Hospital is that if you had to choose a cancer to have just because you would want thyroid cancer because it is very slow growing with close to 100% cure rate even with lymph node spread and recurrence hope I was able to help

    how fast does grade 2 breast cancer spread?
    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was a slightly swollen lymph node in her armpit that tested positive as well. She has idc and dcis (both apparently in the same tumor). The tumor is 2 cm and grade 2. My question is what are the chances the cancer has metasized to her bones and organs?

    • ANSWER:
      The tumor grade determines its aggressiveness but it can’t be used to predict how far the cancer has spread. She will need a bone and PET scan for that.

    If you pick a cancerous mole will it spread the cancer to the skin around it?
    I was wondering because my mom had a little freckle/mole that may be cancerous and she picked it, if it is cancerous will the cancer spread to the other skin around it?

    • ANSWER:
      picking at it cutting it, surgery, etc. will NOT spread the cancer any more than it is spreading if left alone. If it is cancer, get it removed and biopsied.

    Need urgent advice please..has my skin cancer this possible?
    Hopefully someone reading this will have knowledge in this field, as what I am discovering whilst trying to research the subject myself is not what I was hoping to learn. I live in the UK.
    For 2 years now, a problematic mole on my hairline, which at one point completely fell off but returned within 3 weeks, was diagnosed, (finally, as I'd literally been complaining about it's shape and colour/behaviour for the previous 2 years) as being skin cancer after it was excised at my local Doctors' surgery. I changed Doc's, within my own local surgery and the new guy, took notice, organising things.
    I then had an appointment with a reputedly top skin cancer surgeon, who assured me that he would personally carry out the next operation needed. He explained what would happen, and that they needed to be a bit more invasive, to make sure the cancer cells were removed properly. Okay, so far.
    Then, when I arrived at the Hospital, the previous scar being horizontal, was horrified to learn that the surgeon, (not the one I had expected, someone different) had cut vertically and that I now have what I can only describe as a cross shaped scar instead of one larger one. When my Doctor saw it, before the stitches were out, his face was a picture.
    It gets worse. The Hospital then, LOST my removed lump, between the operating theatre and the Histology Dept! My Doctor was horrified and said it may mean yet another Operation.
    I was then requested at short notice, back to the main surgeon, who has assured me again, that as they lost the lump, I will have to have another op within 3 weeks and he will definitely do it himself next it is quite obvious that there are now 4 edges to the scars, instead of 2. So, I'm booked in again for yet more, even more invasive surgery, between 30/35 stitches (should not be necessary methinks, if they'd done their jobs properly??)
    Now, within the last 3 weeks, whilst I await the 3rd Op, with great 'fear', I have become quite ill. I have lost at least half a stone, cannot eat without being sick, or retching and having episodes of sever upper abdominal left sided pain. Naturally, I've been to see my newest Doctor and he's now concerned that I may have pancreatic cancer and I've been admitted to hospital twice in that time and undergone yet more, now weekly blood tests, to determine what the hell is really going on?
    There are also lots of accusatory letters concerning my lost lump going round the Hospital and doctors surgery etc;
    I've also had a couple of verbal apologies.
    Looking all this up on the internet, all I've achieved is to scare myself and yet something bad is happening and it feels as though the ranks are closing.
    Any advice from anyone in the know about cancers spreading, would be gratefully accepted.
    I am not old and really don't want to die yet!

    • ANSWER:

      This is a desperately unfortunate story. I'm sorry. I have tried looking up your Yahoo! account for some guide to your gender and to how old you are, - roughly, - but no luck, your Yahoo account is private. I'm assuming you're female. I suppose it doesn't matter that much, - just for the advice on facial scars, that is more important for a woman.

      We don't have all the details here, from the very first histology examination. Er, I suppose your first Family doctor, (your GP), did send the actual mole to histology? : ) If not, we have not proof that it ever was cancer, have we.

      Presumably (but not necessarily), that first histology showed a malignant melanoma? But what about the various "depth" or "penetration" scores, how did it do on those? I mean, the Breslow or Clark scores, or the TNM score? - please see here if you don't know what I'm talking about, (click and return)

      We don't know whether your second excision (removal) operation was undertaken (a) because the first excision was definitely histologically inadequate, - I mean, the histology found that some of the tumor was left behind, - or (b), because a wider local excision is just a normal part of your surgeon's treatment plan.

      I am saying that without that first histology, we don't have *absolute proof* that a wider 2nd excision was essential. Although I agree it would be good surgical practice.

      The temptation is always for a GP or Family doctor, to be too "conservative" in removing a mole, - I mean, for him/her not to remove enough tissue surrounding the mole too, - but this is not necessarily always the case. So was there any help on this from the first histology report? This "sideways" issue is described technically as the surgical "clearance," - how good was the clearance on the first removal, according to the first Histologist? It should all be on his report.

      I am trying to wrest the maximum amount of information out of the first histology report, - as this seems to be all the help we have. We should really be able to give you a good estimate of your outlook, solely from this first histology report, in my opinion.

      Depending on the skill of the second surgeon, he/she may well have made a thoroughly good job of it, - I agree we don't have the histology to tell us for sure, one way or the other, - but presumably it was a good, wide secondary excision, removing any remaining cancer cells.

      The bad aspect of the second excision is the 4- pointed scar. I really think that if this was me, I would now be pushing for the opinion of a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, before the next operation, - plastic surgery is the specialty that deals with scars, and making them as unobtrusive as possible, as you know.

      It must be clear to you that if everything has gone well, then the result of this 3rd operation, will be "nothing," - quite literally, the histology will show nothing, because the 2nd surgeon will have removed it all.

      So I think you should get the advice of your Skin Specialist on whether you should also have a "lymph node biopsy," - that is where they remove one or 2 lymph nodes, from the nearby drainage area of the cancer. Clearly if there has been any local spread, this lymph node might be positive for cancer spread, even though the repeated (wider) excision of the scar shows nothing.

      In summary, the vertical method from the 2nd removal, only affects the cosmetic appearance of your scar, and does not imply the quality of the cancer-removal surgery.

      It might even be, (I can't say), that the 2nd surgeon had a good surgical reason for doing the 2nd removal vertically, - the one that comes to mind is, that he wanted to avoid cutting any of your "frontal (5th) nerves," which run vertically beneath the skin.

      There is no reason to suppose that just because the scar is vertical, that the cancer hasn't been removed by the surgery. You just need a Plastic Surgeon's advice on ending up with the best possible 3rd scar, in my opinion.

      As to your recent left sided upper abdominal pain, it would be most "elegant" if we could connect this pain to your worry and anxiety, - and the natural connection to that is via either a stomach ulcer or a duodenal ulcer. I am bound to say that your age, - your youth, - is much more in favor of an ulcer, than it is of a pancreatic cancer, - and the outlook for a pancreatic cancer is worse in the short term, than it is for a malignant melanoma, you know.

      Postulating this second, completely different type of cancer, is unlikely according to the test of "Occam's Razor." This rule states that you shouldn't create an additional, unconnected diagnosis unless you absolutely have to.

      I hope this is of some help.

      Best wishes,

      retired uk gp, and formerly plastic surgical SHO.

    How fast will spread skin cancer?
    Something that looks like a flat mole appeared in my neck within a week and simply touching it with a facecloth will make it bleed. (it's not a pimple and it doesn't hurt). I have annual check up but only in 2 months, so my question is how fast does skin cancer spread and should I make a special trip to the doctor for this?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what type of skin cancer it is. Basal cell carcinoma rarely spreads. Melanoma is unpredictable and deadly and once it spreads we do not have a way to stop it. It would be difficult for you to know the difference just by looking at it and I really don’t think you would want to try; this is what doctors are for. The fact that it appeared suddenly and bleeds when you touch it are not good signs and is well worth a special trip to the doctor.

    What does it mean when breast cancer (level 1 tumor) has already gone into the bones?
    I have a dear family member who went to the doctor because of a fall - turned out she fractured her pelvis - but in the course of investigating it, the doctor discovered lesions in the bones pretty much all over her body. Turns out she has a level 1 tumor in her breast and that the lesions in her bones are also breast cancer. For some reason, the doctors are NOT giving her a death sentence, but I have always heard that when a cancer spreads to the bones or another organ, then there is pretty much no hope. So, is there actually hope now?

    • ANSWER:
      The "level 1 tumor" makes no sense. If there is breast cancer metastatic to bones, it is a stage IV breast cancer. We do not have a cure for this, but sometimes this disease can be controlled for many months or even a few years with hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and palliative radiation therapy.

      We do not cure diabetes or high blood pressure, but we can control these diseases for a time with medical treatments.

      There is no reason for her doctors to "give her a death sentence" -especially since we don't know whether she will respond to simple oral hormonal agents. Is this an estrogen receptor positive or negative breast cancer? We don't have this information, but her doctors do.

      I always say this - we doctors do not "give " people amounts of time to live. It is not for us to decide that. We can only quote statistics based on the experiences of other people in similar situation - none of which will be exactly like the person concerned. Each person is special and different, and doctors cannot predict the future of anyone perfectly. I preferred not to make these guesses, but people usually push for some kind of guess.

      Interesting question - If you had an envelope containing the information about when exactly you were going to die, would you open it - - knowing you could do nothing to change it? I would tear it up and throw it away. Most of us don't want to give up all hope. There is hope for a good response in this situation and some good quality time.

    How quickly can cancer spread in a cat and is there anything you can do to prevent it from happening so soon?
    We just put our family cat to sleep. He was suffering from cancer and could barely move - he was being hand fed since he lost his appetite and was very lethargic so we did not want him to suffer anymore. I feel bad because I live very far away from the family home and had not been back since July. So I did not have a chance to see him in person but did get to say goodbye via Skype.

    He was always healthy and his last blood test in May indicated that there were no serious issues.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the cancer, how early you caught it, and what kind of treatment is available. I doubt there was anything you could have done. It sounds like it took him pretty fast, your family made the right choice.

    If an animal eats another animal that has cancer?
    Will the cancer spread to the animal eating it?

    • ANSWER:
      NO-of course not!

    i just found out today that the cancer spread all over her lungs?
    I wrote a question earlier about my x having lung cancer and i asked if anyone knew a really good hospital and i got one response. I wanted to know if it is possible she could survive because the doctors at Long Island College Hospital said no they cant do much for her and that its to late. What should i do? She has Health plus as her insurance carrier

    • ANSWER:
      See if you can arrange for a consult at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

    6yr old dog has mammatory cancer. she died during surgery. vet said cancer spread to her lungs. is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      Its hard to verify something like this. You might want to do a check on this vet, to determine his competence level with previous customers. If you feel the dog appeared healthy enough before surgery, and that the end result was unexpected, ( and also that the vet did not satisfactorily address your questions and concerns ) then you may want to consider filing a complaint with a veterinary board ( be aware that they tend to be less than impartial though ) .

    How can colon cancer spread to the liver / possibly kidneys (via cat scan I believe)...when...?
    The blood test came back fine, and radiation and chemo was being received for the spot of colon cancer (which had spread). They are now having a PET scan done to see what these spots are - and it is posible there is just damage from the radiation or chemo (about 1 month ago)- have you heard of this?
    Anyways, any help (nothing to do with prayer, staying happy...I am not in the mood for that stuff right now) you can give is appreciated.
    Um I wasn't meaning to say that the cancer had spread by a Cat Scan, but that this was the test that has caused concern.

    • ANSWER:
      Radiation can cause damage to the colon. The test may have been done to see if the spot on the colon was damaged tissue or cancerous tissue.

      Cancer can spread via direct extension, like growing bigger and bigger and invading surrounding tissue, or through the lymphatic system, which could cause it to spread throughout the body and to other organs or could spread through the blood also to other areas in the body.

      The test could have been performed to check any of these. You should just ask your dr why they are doing this test and what they are looking for.

    What does it mean when breast cancer has spread to the lymph node?
    My friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery today to remove the tumor. The surgeon removed part of a lymph node and it tested positive for cancer. What does this really mean? Does it mean that most likely the cancer has spread to other organs in her body? I'm really confused and need some answers. Thanks so much

    • ANSWER:
      For breast cancer to spread to the rest of the body it needs to first go through the lymph nodes under the arm. If her lymph nodes have shown positive for cancer it means that the chances of a recurrence are higher. It depends greatly on how many lymph nodes have been affected. I only had 1 out of 13 lymph nodes showing cancer and scans didn't pick up cancer anywhere else in my body. I am two years on from diagnosis and still have not had a recurrence. I know many women who have had cancer in their lymph nodes and they are still here years later. It does mean however that she will probably have to have chemotherapy to try and kill any cancer that may have moved on.

    How do you know if cancer has spread to the brain?
    My grandmother has stage IV ovarian cancer that has spread throughout her abdomen and chest cavity, including lungs. Lately, she's been having trouble concentrating, thinking clearly, and even doing simply thinking like counting money. How do I know if the cancer is effecting her brain?

    • ANSWER:
      That is a possibility with those symptoms, but it could also be from the stress of dealing with a severe illness. She needs to be evaluated by her doctor.

      I am an RN.

    What do I say if the cancer has spread and the news is grim?
    I am taking a friend of mine to get some test results today. She was diagosed with stage IV breast cancer last week. They did a complete body scan. Today she will find out the results and if it has spread. I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. If she gets bad news what is the very best thing that I could say to her?

    • ANSWER:
      If it's stage 4, it's already spread. They can only hope to contain it.

      Oh sorry, I just finished up me chemo round last night and still have chemo brain. I don't even remember reading the last question of yours. Listen to Inverse; she's right on. People with cancer don't want to hear fake optimism.

    cervical cancer how and where do they spread to if doctors cant help you?
    well my mom past away on the 6th of may 2006. Mom had cervical cancer. I would really like to know if doctors cant help you, what happens.How does the cancer spread? At the end mom could not eat and only had sips of water. She was so tired there is no words to describe it. Even if she brushed her teeth it was like climing everest. She was also very dehydrated.I looked after mom till that morning she passed away. I did not want to put mom in a hospital.Hospice also help me alot, with the right advice. So i would just like to know how cervical cancer spread if they cant help you. You see when they tried to operate, they said the cancer is already in her blood vessels. So there was nothing they could do. They also said mom may not be able to walk. Before that happend she died. But the legs did got weaker. She also had a lot of needles and pins she said. Constantly! And then about 5 days before she died she was ice cold but told me how hot she was. Please help me with some answers.

    • ANSWER:
      My da died when I was 15 and I wish I had know the information in the site below. It is to late for your mom but not for others. I have helped many since I have learned this info because nobody should have to live with the medical injustice going on today!

    my mum has breast cancer,and going for surgery(remove the breast) and radiotheraph, will she be ok after that?
    will she live normal life, has the cancer spread? cos she has done ultrasound,xray, blood test and everything is ok. the operation is in jan. 2008. i m so confuse. will the radiotherapy kill the cancer cell totally.

    • ANSWER:
      Breast cancer is very survivable with the right treatment. Without knowing any of her specifics, I can tell you this. The rest of her life depends on good nutrition, not forgetting her purpose in life and lots of laughter. Cancer is not the death sentence it used to be, but it does take work to get through it. Do some on line research on laughter and cancer, you will be amazed. Best of luck.

    Can cervical cancer spread through out your body?
    I went to the doc today for a coloscopy! He couldn't do it because he said that my cervix wasn't showing anything after adding the vinegar solution. Says we will have to do a leep just to get a biopsy. He says my displasia is so severe he doesn't understand why we cant see anything. So, my displasia runs deep. I haven't had a pap smear in nine years. So of course I am really very scared. I am 29 years old. A smoker. Just freaks me out! My father died from a stomach
    cancer. I have a nine year old son. His father died when he was five. i just don't want to leave him to! If anyone has been through a cancer like this please send me some good news! oh, and thanks for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      I feel for you. This isn't a direct answer to your question, but just an encouraging comment.
      I went through cryotherapy (freezing) for mild dysplasia and got it cleared up (about 6 years ago, I'm 28). I was so scared then that I quit smoking, but then started back smoking a year or two later and guess what, the dysplasia came back.
      I started doing some research, and found that smoking is a MAJOR contributor to cervical dysplasia, like you wouldn't believe. You can run a Google search with cervical dysplasia and smoking in it to see what I'm talking about. ( is a trusted site for medical questions, also) Unbelievably, my doctor had never even asked me if I smoked or not. When my dysplasia came back the second time, I quit smoking again and the dysplasia cleared up in under a year. It's so funny that you mentioned you are a smoker. Maybe your body is one of the kind that is sensitive to cigarette chemicals. Smoking is usually harder on women then men.
      If you are this scared for your son and yourself, take this opportunity to quit smoking. You can do it. It is hard, I'm not gonna lie, but just make the choice, that cigarette or your life/son, it's that simple. Sooner than you realize, you will shake the habit, especially with the kind of motivation you've got. The surgery you will need for your dysplasia will take care of the immediate problem, but during the healing time, you want your body to be able to heal properly, and you don't want the dysplasia to come back or progress later. The human body is amazing in its ability to heal itself if you give it a chance.
      I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your original question, but search the internet and call your doctor tomorrow to find out. I wish you the best, and feel free to email me if you've got any more questions or want to talk about it more.

    My mom has cancer and I don't know how bad it is. Help translate Doctor language!?
    My mother has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer that is in the third sub-stage which means that it has spread into her lymph nodes. Gotta meet with Oncologist in a couple of weeks. What does this mean and is the doctor saying it's treatable? I've heard that when cancer spreads into the lymph nodes it's untreatable. Help Y! Answers.

    • ANSWER:
      The Different Stages of Colon Cancer

      There are five stages that you can go through, there is also a stage when the cancer reoccurs or comes back, this is called recurrent cancer. Each stage usually has a different treatment option.

      Here are the different stages...

      Stage 0 (also called Carcinoma in situ)
      This is the first and earliest stage. It is when the cancer hasn't moved and is still restricted to the inner lining of the colon. Stage 0 cancer is usually easily removed with a colonoscope, the same thing they use when doing a colonoscopy. The survival rate is high when the disease is detected this early, around 96 percent of people with Stage 0 cancer survive at least 5 years.

      Stage 1
      The cancer has spread beyond just the inner lining of the colon to the middle layers. It hasn't gone far, but it is moving. The most common treatment is a surgical resection, where a surgeon removes the affected part of the colon. The survival rate is still high, around 90 percent are still alive after 5 years.

      Stage 2
      Cancer has spread outside the colon and rectal area to nearby tissue. It has not yet reached the lymph nodes. There are two sub-stages in Stage 2, A and B. In Stage 2A the cancer has made it through the muscle layers or spread to nearby tissue. In Stage 2B, cancer has spread beyond the colon wall into nearby organs and/or through the peritoneum (the tissue that lines the abdominal wall). The survival rate is still high, about 90 percent of people afflicted survive are alive after 5 years.

      Stage 3
      One of the more advanced stages, cancer has now spread outside the colon to the lymph nodes. This stage has three sub-stages, A, B and C. They tell how far the cancer has gone and how many different areas it has affected. The survival rate is around 55 percent for people five years after their first diagnosis. This number goes up or down, depending on if you are in Stage 3A, 3B or 3C. 3A has better chances of surviving than 3C for example.

      Stage 4
      The cancer has spread to other organs in the body, the lungs and liver are prime examples. Surgical resection and chemotherapy are the usual treatments, other treatments might or might not be needed depending on the person. At stage 4, there is only a 3 percent chance of surviving the 5 year time period.
      Remember, all these survival statistics are generalizations, they are just colon cancer facts. They might not have any much relevance in your case.

    When Prostate surgery fails and the Cancer has spread how long will I live?
    The Doctor used a Scan that was done in August and operated in December. The Cancer had spread beyond the glands and is now terminal. Just wondering about a time frame to live.

    • ANSWER:
      Dad? Sorry that's just sounds way to familar! lol My father is going through the same thing right now to a tee! He found out August/september he had prostate cancer and had the operation in December. Yes it also spend. But anyways! What did your Doctor say? Did they start other treatment yet! Did they talk about hormome treatment or radiaion?

      Do not give up! Prostate cancer is one of the most treatable cancer! Everyone is different, and so we can answer how long you have. I don't want to give up on my daddy! so don't you give up either. :) When did you find out it was terminal? Pretty fast after operation in december? I am sorry though.

    Can someone have cancer (originially colon) that has spead to the liver and kidneys yet have no symptoms?
    One test showed possible cancer spreading, but it seems there are no this a good sign?

    • ANSWER:
      SAadly, it is a popular misconception that if you have cancer you will be ill and have obvious symptoms.

      There are about 200 different cancers out there that can attack various parts of our body. They have many different symptoms. Many can be growing and spreading quietly for a long time before symptoms are seen.

      Some symptoms must be present to prompt the testing that has been done.

      If the Dr suspects cancer, there will be LOTS more testing organised!!!

    Is Tamoxifen only effective if the cancer has not spread outside of the breast?
    I read that Tamoxifen can be used in people in the advanced stages of breast cancer. Will it still be helpful at all if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Tamoxifen affects the entire body, not just the breasts. If the patient is receiving tamoxifen, that usually indicates that the cancer was "estrogen-receptor" and possibly "progesterone-receptor" positive. That means that it has a hormonal component and tamoxifen treats the hormone(s), wherever the cancer tissue might multiply, which would also be tumor present in the lymph nodes. Tamoxifen is the drug of choice for premenopausal women with varying stages of breast cancer.

    How can you tell when CANCER has spread?
    How can you tell if Thyroid Cancer has spread?
    My heart skips beats every now and then followed by a heavy pound and it looks like my lymph nodes are a little swollen and i also have a large lump on my thyroid
    i am 19

    i live everyday thinking that it is too late
    not wanting to ever get out of bed
    wasting my life but i have no motivation at all
    i have had this mass for over 5 years

    thank you 4 everyone that has been helping me
    but im just sooooooooooo worried

    • ANSWER:

    Prostate cancer spread to bones?
    I took my father to the hospital for back pain and leg weakness and was told it is prostate cancer that has spread to his bones. Spine, hips, legs, ribs, shoulders etc. they have done radiation on his spine and surgery to releive the pressure causing leg weakness, and are treating him with hormones. What do yu think his life expectancy is? I am getting no where with doctors. He is in Palliative care at this time. What does it all mean?

    • ANSWER: dad also has prostrate cancer but they caught it so it is kind of just there. It hasn't spread but he has to get treatments every so often.

      About 232,000 men in the United States will learn they have prostate cancer this year. Early detection and improved treatment have led to longer lives after diagnosis. About 99 percent of patients with localized disease live at least five years. (MY dad has had it for almost 10 years now)

      Doctors can diagnose prostate cancer early before it has spread beyond the prostate gland or nearby tissue. When prostate cancer spreads, or metastasizes, it often goes to the bone causing pain. This occurs in more than 80 percent of patients with metastatic prostate cancer. The bone, with its rich blood supply, creates an environment for cancer cells to establish themselves.2

      Bones normally regenerate, constantly breaking down and rebuilding. Cancer interferes with this process and may cause bone to wear away or grow too fast. Prostate cancer usually causes excess bone growth.

      Bone pain typically begins as a dull, continuous ache, which increases over time. It may seem more intense at night or with activity. Muscle spasms may occur as well.

      Prostate cancer may spread to the hips, spinal vertebrae, ribs or other bones. Cancer in the spine may put pressure on nerve roots. This can result in numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, weakness, paralysis or difficulty with urination or bowel movements. Always tell your doctor about new symptoms, even if they seem unrelated to your cancer. If you are experiencing bone pain, the doctor will likely look for spots where the cancer may have taken hold.

      Tests the doctor may order include X-rays, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, and a bone scan. A bone scan involves an injection of a radioactive agent specifically targeting bone. A scan showing "hot spots," areas of greater concentration, will require further investigation since arthritis and other conditions can cause similar images.

      Treatment goals for bone pain due to cancer include killing the cancer cells, improving survival and controlling the pain, which can help improve quality of life. The physician may order external beam radiation to affected bone, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. Procedures may be recommended to prevent or repair fractures and drugs may be prescribed to slow bone destruction. Pain medications are usually ordered and a special type of pain relieving radiopharmaceutical therapy may be employed. This therapy is a radioactive agent that travels to the bone and provides a high local dose of radiation. This treatment is especially helpful if the cancer has spread to many sites.

      Palliative care is not the same as hospice care. The goal of palliative care is to relieve the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness – whatever the prognosis. It is appropriate for people of any age and at any point in an illness. It can be delivered along with treatments that are meant to cure you.

    Stomach cancer spread to neck?
    I know this guy he has stomach cancer now he has a lump in his neck in front to the right a little bit next to the adam's apple. Does that mean the cancer is spreading?

    • ANSWER:
      It has already spread if cytology report from node comes positive.
      Positive supraclavicular node is advanced stage in stomach cancer and palliative treatment is only possible.

    Has anyone beaten endometrial cancer that spread to the lymph nodes?
    Or know anyone that has gone through it? My mom is in quite some pain & I just want to give her some uplifting news to make her feel a little better or just get some info from other patients that experienced this.
    The doc's never really told her what stage shes in but my dad did some research and determined that she is around Stage 3.

    • ANSWER:
      We really need to know the stage telling us there is lymph node involvement is not enough information.

      EDIT: It is probably a stage 3C then and I am sorry to say the 5 year survival rate is 15%.
      I have never been through this myself. You could try support groups either on line or ask the American Cancer Society for groups in your area.
      Only about 10-11% of uterine cancers are discovered this late so you may not find many people.

    Does increased body temperature from a wig put you at risk for cancer spread?
    People wear wigs for their hair falling out. I know when I wear a hat that that can increase my body temperature. The wigs are synthetic and have liners and wouldn't they be warmer than an average hat? Could that give you a fever and could it cause problems with the increased temperature of your head?

    • ANSWER:
      no research or studies can support that. so my answer is NO

    If air hits cancer during surgery, does it spread?
    If during surgery, the area that has cancer has air hit it does the cancer spread to other organs or tissues?

    I have heard this and was just wondering if it is true....?

    • ANSWER:
      No it isn’t true. People’s lives are saved everyday from having cancer surgically removed and many times the tumor itself hits air during surgery.

    My dog had a cancer tumor we got it removed but arent sure if it spread anywhere else, she has been throwing?
    up lately... could this be a sign that the cancer has spread
    She had the tumor removed almost a month ago. Other then throwing up she has been acting fine (normal eating, drinking, playing, etc.)
    Shes a 7 year old golden retriver

    • ANSWER:
      How warm is it where you are?

      My dog can throw up if it's hot, he's been playing, and he just guzzled a ton of water.

      But if you're concerned, consult your veterinarian.

    If small cell lung cancer has spread to the brain, is the prognosis dim?
    Stage 4 small cell has just been diagnosed and was found on the brain at diagnosis. Is it pretty much a time to make someone comfortable and prepared? Or does chemo and radiation sometimes work even if it is in stage 4 or is that just a futile effort to preserve life?

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 4 lung cancer is not curable and every doctor knows this. Treatment at this point is to prolong life and decrease symptoms.

    Cancer Spread into Sinus Area?
    My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer which has spread into his bone area. However, the cancer is slowly but surely spreading into other areas of his body. We (the family) know (my dad does not know) that he has a cancer spot in his sinus area. What are his chances of a longer life? My dad is 71 years old. All his vitals are in great shape. Doctors are trying to find a way to radiate his sinus area but have come to no conclusion in terms of radiation in a dangerous area of the body. What are your thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry about your dad, I do pray he gets better.. I do not know anything about this type of cancer but I will provide some links in the source box that may help you learn what causes it, the symptoms, and how to treat it. Hope they help!
      I second what the Dr. posted.. I take Aloe Vera Juice myself and it's very beneficial stuff

    If cancer has spread would you know by symptoms?
    My mother has breast cancer and is scared it has spread. We still havent gone for a PET scan and currently have that scheduled. She has had removal of tumor, mastectomy and the port put in and has sprung back very quickly from all three surgeries. She is very healthy and nothing would make you assume she has cancer. She is fearfull that it has spread. Would you know if it has spread elsewhere by syptoms or something? Also if there are no symptoms and it has spread does that mean it is in distant sites but in small growth? She had ductal invasive breast cancer and then spread to 10 nodes which tested pos and one was measured at 3 or 5cm. It also spread outside the node as well. I just cant picture it being elsewhere and the doctor saying you only have a few months to live. She is just way to healthy and looking good how can her health digress so fast? This is crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, if your cancer spread you absolutely do not know by symptoms. there are no symptoms. i know this for an absolute fact because my mother has had breast cancer for 17 years and is still battling it and it is in her bones and liver. when it spread to her bones and liver she had noo symptoms. the way she found out was by a routine pet and ct scan. My mom is just like your mom and very healthy she exercises everyday and is filled with joy which is why its so surprising that she has it. Also about the whole "few months to live thing" you have to have hope. I pray that my mom is a living inspiration to you because she has had breast cancer for 17 years! She beat the odds and is still going strong. Her doctor said that one of his patients lived 30 yrs after the cancer spread to her liver. ANYTHING i mean anything is possible. She could live as many yrs as my mom has. I hope this helped because if anyone on here knows first hand, i absolutely do!!! also if you have ANY questions at all about coping and just someone to talk to who is going through the exact same thing, I am here

    What are some signs that cancer has spread to lymph nodes and organs?
    Like what are the main symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      first of all what kind of cancer?? you dont get symptoms usually with cancer which is exactly why it is sooo hard to catch in time to cure. the only way you will know if cancer has spread is if you get a pet scan or ct scan done. Its so hard to tell if it spreads because it is virtually painless

    What happens when cancer spreads to the lymph nodes?
    My friend has cancer and it spread into her lymph nodes. I want to know what to expect to happen, and she won't talk about it. Can someone tell me what may happen so that i can be there for my friend when she needs me?

    • ANSWER:
      Best of luck to your friend i hope this helps you x

    Have you or a family member had colon cancer that spread to liver now liver has 5 tumors?
    did the doctors surgically remove the tumors or do chemo/radiation? what was the outcome?
    my friends dad had 2 tumors had chemo the chemo didnt work now has 5 tumors so now they are trying another 2 months of another type of chemo...Has anyone had them surgically removed or is that impossible?

    • ANSWER:
      My wife had colon cancer and the tumor was the size of a football. We were lucky that it had not spread to any other organs. The doctors as Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN were able to remove the tumor, but she did have to take chemo and radiation after words, in case there was any microscopic cancer cells left behind. We were told the best treatment for colon cancer is surgery. Good luck to you and your family.